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Needlefelting Classes!

Needle Felting Wool Soap Scrubbies


  • 2 hour class

  • 3 people min per class

  • Classes offered Tuesdays from 1 pm - 3 pm, and                                    Wednesdays from 6 pm - 8 pm

  • Two classes available: Wool Soap Scrubbies and                                              Felted Wool Critters

Take a needle-felting class this fall and winter!

Learn a new skill and make beautiful handmade gifts for the holidays!  With needlefelting, you can design fantastic wool creations using raw carded wool and a special barbed needle.  At Daisy Hollow Farm, we hand clean, hand dye, and hand card all of our own wool, then teach you how to create your own beautiful designs!

Class Information 

Two classes offered:

  • Wool scrubby - learn to make your own wool scrubby; leave class with a completed scrubby and a felted bar of soap ready for your design and the materials to make more - $85.00

  • Felted critter - learn techniques for making bodies, arms, ears, flowers, eyes, etc; leave class with your own handcrafted felted critter and the materials to make more - $75.00

Materials given to each student:

  • Needlefelting kit - includes several different sized needles, needle holders, and finger guards. 

  • 3 oz of our own hand-dyed wool - enough to take home so you can get started on various projects of your own


Wool Scrubby Class:

Using a bar of Daisy Hollow Farm's handmade soaps and our hand-dyed wool, needlefelted soaps are fun and easy to make!  We have over 30 designs to choose from, and over 25 different soap scents!  When you take the wool scrubby class, you go home with your own completed designed wool scrubby, as well as a felted soap ready for your imagination! 

Needlefelted Critters Class:

Handmade at the farm, we call all of our needlefelted creations Daisy Hollow Critters.  Learn how to make your own critters!  This class teaches you different techniques for making bodies, eyes, flowers, leaves, and more, so that you can use your imagination to make your own unique creations!

We offer classes on Tuesdays from 6 pm - 8 pm and Wednesdays from 2 pm - 4 pm.  

If you and several friends would like to get together at the farm to learn the art of needlefelting, please contact us directly to set up a time! 

We do have some weekend classes available as well!  Contact us for more information!  Email:   Call/text: (607)423-6827

While here you can also tour the farm, explore our country store, and take a look at all of the beautiful products we offer that are handmade right here on the farm!

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