Poultry, Pork, and Lamb


At Daisy Hollow Farm we raise both laying hens for eggs, and broiler chickens for meat. Both kinds of chickens are raised organically, with free access to indoor and outdoor areas. We can't free range them because chickens are destroyers of gardens and we have LOTS of gardens.  They have plenty of room in their space so they keep out of the gardens. 

The laying hens are a mix of Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Americana, and Columbian Rocks.  They are raised on organic feed, but we are not certified organic.  We have eggs available most of the spring, summer, and fall, egg production drops in the winter.   We also sell our eggs at The Local Food Market in Cortland, NY.

Eggs are $4.00/dozen.


The broiler chickens are a mix of Freedom Rangers and  Red Rangers.  I tried raising Cornish Rocks once, and that was enough for me.  Cornish Rocks go from start to finish in about 6 weeks.  They outgrow their legs and therefore their ability to walk.  It wasn't a pretty picture, and I knew if I ever raised broilers again, I would look for hens that were a little less over-bred and a little more survival skills.  Hence, the Rangers.  These are strong, durable birds and I've been very happy with their growth rate and the meat is delicious.  Available as whole frozen roasters throughout the year at our store, they are raised on organic feed, but we are not certified organic.  

Whole frozen chickens: $4.50/pound - SOLD OUT

Wings: $8/lb

Leg Quarters: $7/lb 

Pork: Our pigs are raised on organic feed and organic garden vegetables and compost from The Local Food Market in Cortland, NY.  The pork is fresh and delicious.  Our bacon and ham steaks are hickory smoked with no nitrites/nitrates.  See price list below:

Daisy Hollow Farm Pork Prices (price per pound):

Bacon                        $11.20

Ground Pork              $  7.00

Pork Steak                 $  8.40

Pork Chop                 $  8.40

Smoked Ham Steak  $  9.80

Butt Roast                 $  8.40

Spare Ribs                $  8.40 (SOLD OUT)

Shoulder Roast         $  8.40

Loin Roast                 $  8.40

Lamb: Pasture-raised on a local farm (price per pound)

Shoulder Chop      $12.40

Loin Chop             $16.99

Rib Chop               $16.99

Chuck Roast         $12.95

Leg                       $14.99 (SOLD OUT)

Shank                   $12.40

Ground                 $12.95

Stew Meat             $13.99

Spare Ribs           $13.99

Sirloin Chop          $16.99


   Call (607)423-6827 or email to order or for more information.

Laying hens:
Freedom Rangers: