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  • Scroll through these Facebook comments and pictures to hear some great reviews!

  • "Just tried the deodorant and the face wash-amazing! Best all natural deodorant I have used. Thank you! Hoping for the “foot stick” soon. One of my new favorite shops." --Beth

  • "Wow! some of the best products! Best non toxic deodorant, that actually works. I love it." --Gina 

Body Butter

  •  "Really like how smooth it makes skin feel and a little goes a long way. Love this natural alternative to store brand lotions full of chemicals."  --Megan

  • "Love love love! This is great stuff! My skin loves it! Thank you for the gift as well, the lemon lip balm tastes like a lemon drop. Sweet!" --Etsy customer

  • "The wonderfully creamy body butter looks and smells luscious, and is full of healthy ingredients anyone would want to put on their skin. Kudos to Daisy Hollow Farm for their fabulous products." --Kate

  • "I bought your whipped body butter, Citrus Bergamot, and Natur-tyme.  I love is my new favorite and number 1 lotion.  Thank you for making this." --Heather

Plantain Salve

  • "This salve works well for rashes on people of all ages." --Shelly

  • "Daisy Hollow Farm's Plantain Salve is an item no household should be without -- what a wonderful, healing salve this is, full of healthy ingredients. This makes a great baby gift too (for diaper rash, etc.) with a Scrubby Ducky filled with Chamomile Baby soap!" --Kate

  • "This is a fabulous product for skin issues (bites and rashes) that no household should be without, and it comes in an easy-to-use and very portable tin. Love it!" --Etsy customer

Rose Geranium Face Soap:

  • I stopped by your farm a few weeks ago. Since being home in CA everyone has raved about my skin and I've gotten everyone on board to try your products. I also have some other friends that should be ordering too. Thanks!!!"--H.F.

  • I wanted to reach out and tell you how much I love your Rose Geranium soap. My aunt brought my husband and I to visit your farm over the holidays and we absolutely loved meeting you and the tour of the farm.  She picked up a few bars for me for Christmas and so far I have only had a chance to use the rose facial soap and it immediately became a staple. I was so excited to see you were on amazon and I will definitely be getting more when this one runs low. I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I love it. Thank you so much and we will definitely be visiting the shop the next time we go up to visit my aunt and cousins." --MG

Rose Geranium Face Lotion

  • "A wonderfully rich cream -- a little goes a long way. It's the best!" --Kate

  • "I was in dire need of Daisy Hollow Farm's face lotion for my dry, winter facial skin -- a must. It not only smells heavenly and is wonderfully creamy, it also eliminated my dry, flaky skin patches the first night I used it! Love this safe, healthy beauty product that makes my skin happy!" --Etsy customer

  • "I don't think I have ever smelled a face cream as incredible as this one. It's jam packed with healthy ingredients any face would love. It's extremely creamy and smooth -- fabulous!" --Etsy customer


  • "This is absolutely delicious! Wishing you were local, but I will be definitely be ordering more very soon. :]" --Nichole

  • "YUM! This granola has a nice balance of fruit and pairs very well with yogurt or ice cream. We enjoyed this in the evenings as a healthy dessert option and it really hit the spot." --Roxy

  • "Delicious and fresh! Great with yogurt in the mornings and even in milk" --M.C.

Wool Scrubbies

  • "These Scrubby Duckies are baby soft and are absolutely adorable. Wonderful for yourself and your baby/child, and what great baby gifts these make (pair with Plantain Salve for diaper rash, etc.)!" --Kate

  • "The Froggy Bee-have scrubby is adorable! My son loves washing with it! Received my order very quickly, too!" --K.P.

Beeswax Hand Lotion

  • "Love the lotion smells and feels amazing" --Dana

  • "LOVE this hand lotion. Rose Geranium has always been a comfort smell to me. This is highly moisturizing and perfect for this dry Wyoming winter. Thank you, Emily, for shipping these so quickly. 3 days from NY to WY. Impressed. Everything arrived so nicely and the gifted lip balm is appreciate. I will definitely put more orders in. Thank you!" --Susan

  • "The Rose Geranium Beeswax Hand Lotion smells incredible but isn't overwhelming and works so well on my very dry skin. I prefer it over anything in the grocery store." --Quinn

  • "One of the best products I've used for dry, cracking hands/cuticles and it smells fabulous. Daisy Hollow Farm products come to the rescue every time!" --Kate

  • "Smells heavenly, love the texture, not too hard like some similar products I've tried." --Etsy customer


  • "Lovely handcrafted soap. This smells amazing and sounded like a perfect pick-me-up for this long and snowy winter ;)" --Susan

  • "Smells gorgeous. These soaps are beautifully packaged and are generous sizes. I can't wait to use this." --Susan

  • "Love the looks, smell, and feel of this wonderful soap full of pure, healthy ingredients. I can't wait to share them with family and friends. What great gifts Daisy Hollow Farm soap bars make!" --Kate

  • "Love, love this terrific product!" --K.P.

  • "I have never found a soap that I didn't love from DaisyHollowFarm, but Lavender's Blue is by far my favorite! Hand or body... it smells AMAZING and has some texture for exfoliating or extra dirty hands. I absolutely love it and have given many bars as gifts and only hear great things. Highly recommend!" --Quinn

  • "Wonderful soaps, well-packaged and very fast delivery!" --Etsy customer

  • "By the way, your Tea Tree Oatmeal Soap has completely transformed my skin. I ran out and immediately my acne returned. I am going to recommend you to all of my friends!" --E.J. 

Gift Baskets

  • "I bought 2 of these gift baskets as presents to my mother in law, and my own mother. All of the soaps smell absolutely amazing, and the face lotion smells lavish as well. I know they'll both love it. Plus, I really appreciate the fast shipping so close to Christmas!" --Anna

  • "So far I have tried everything in this combo pack except the soap, but if it is as great as everything else I'll be very satisfied. The lip balm and deodorant are both very smooth, apply evenly and smell like HEAVEN! The lotion bar is another matter entirely. I have never had a lotion bar that is so easy to use, the melt point must be just right for me. The scent is almost transcendent. I spent the first day after using it clandestinely sniffing at myself and sneaking into the bathroom to take a nose hit right off the bar in the tin. It's really that good." --Roxy

Pump Lotions

  • "I love it! It's great for face, hands, and body.  I have very dry skin and can use it on face and body.  After using it and washing my hands, they still feel moisturized."      --Sue

Dandelion Salve

  • "Love your Dandelion Salve for my sore thumb joint that acts up every now and then -- had trigger thumb previously on that thumb -- great to put on over night."      --Donna


Rejuvenating Skin Cream

  • "After I got rid of all of my bouts with poison ivy on my forearms this summer, it left behind marks on my arms where the rash was, but your Rejuvenating Skin Cream took them all away after using it over night for a week (maybe less). Thank you for all of the great products you create!" --D.L.

Calendula Salve: 

  • "I have been going through chemo for the past 2 years, which has the harsh side effect of hand and foot syndrome - cracked and peeling feet with nerve damage pain. Your calendula salve has been my saving grace! I have shared with the nurses and doctors at Cayuga Medical that this product is excellent for moisturizing and soothing my tender painful feet. Thank you - I appreciate you producing and providing this product!" --F.C.


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