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Wool Scrubbies

Before loofahs and sponges, many people used an old-fashioned bar of soap wet-felted into a wool covering. The wool was exfoliating and had antibacterial qualities, and the soap created a nice lather without wasting the suds. In the last few years, felted soap has come back into fashion.  It's perfect next to the sink, in the bath or shower, and as a unique gift idea.  All of our wool is hand-washed, hand-carded, and hand-dyed, and all of our wool scrubbies are hand-felted.  We offer many different designs on any of our varieties of soaps.  Special orders also available. 


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Sheep Lemongrass.JPG

Sheepish Sheep

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Fall Fun

animal scrubbies.JPG

Animal Series

xmas scrubbies (2).JPG

Holiday Series


Fire Island

Fuxxy Bunny Scrubby.jpg

Fuzzy Bunny

I'll Bee Around

Bee Happy

Valentine's Day Scrubbies.jpg

Valentine's Day

Lovin'Scrubbin Scrubby.jpg

Lovin Scrubbin


Fat Black Cat

Froggy Bee-have

Froggy Beehave

Farmyard Scrubbies.jpg

Farmyard Pals

Stop Looking at Me Swan Scrubby.jpg




Happy Sheep!

Happy Sheep


Wicked Witch

Swarm of Bees Scrubby.jpg

Swarm of Bees

Face scrubby.JPG

Face Scrubby

cat scrubby.jpg

Here Kitty

Three Little Pigs And BBW Scrubbies.jpg

3 Little Pigs

Herd of Sheep.JPG

Herd of Sheep

Forget me not beeswax.JPG

Flower Series

santa scrubbies.jpg

Holiday Series

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


At the Lake Scrubbies.jpg

At the Lake


Felting Kit

Dyed Wool Scrubbies-square_edited.jpg
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