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Daisy Hollow Farm Gardens 

Information on Tours, Talks, and Tips

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Our Gardens

Emily Harding, owner and operator at Daisy Hollow Farm, is a Certified Nursery Landscape Professional (CNLP).  During her 14 year ownership of Harding's Gardens, she designed and implemented hundreds of gardens and landscape creations.  During this time, she compiled a comprehensive list of deer resistant plants for our area.  She also compiled a list of plants which thrive in sunny, shady, or hard to grow areas.



She can help to answer your questions on deer resistant gardening, gardening in difficult locations, ornamental and vegetable gardening, pest management, disease management, and questions such as "Why didn't my Hydrangea bloom this year?" 

Answer: It's all about pruning and timing of early and late freezes.  

Have more questions?  Come on out!


We are always delighted to give garden tours!  We have extensive gardens with a large variety of ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals, as well as large vegetable gardens.  All of our gardens are grown using organic methods, so we are well versed on IPM, good gardening practices, composting, etc and we are happy to answer any of your questions.  We also are practiced in plant growing, division and propagation: root division and cuttings.  We have welcomed garden clubs from across our area to have their monthly meetings out in our gardens, tour the farm and gardens, and check out our country store!  If your garden club would like more information, please contact us!


As an educator, Emily has taught classes and given presentations on beekeeping, deer resistant gardening, woodpecker impact in suburban areas, and pest management on ornamental plants.  She is a published author in scientific journals, magazines, local newspapers, and Cornell Lab of Ornithology publications.  For more information on having Emily teach at your venue, please contact us!


For comprehensive monthly gardening tips for Central NY (USDA Zone 5), please choose your season of interest below:

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