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Friends of ours asked if we could make available Care Package to send to friends and relatives, to let them know they are loved during hard times or an illness.  Or, perhaps for a little self-care.  Included are the following:

Organic Granola with Dark Chocolate and Raisins - 8 oz of our very own granola, made with honey and maple syrup produced on our farm, 69% chocolate nuggets, and raisins.  See our full description of our granolas under our Granola listing.

Organic Dried Mango - 4 oz of soft and chewy organic mango, nothing but mango here!  No sulfates, no added sugars or oils, just natural deliciousness!

All-natural Hand Sanitizer - 2 oz of our very popular hand sanitizer, made with witch hazel, aloe vera, tea tree and lavender essential oil, and vitamin E.  For more information and our disclaimer, please view our full description under our Hand Sanitizer listing.

Sweet Citrus Massage Oil - Relax during this stressful time under our favorite massage oil!  All you need to provide is someone to give you the massage!

Tea Tree and Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap - Tea Tree is antibacterial, goat milk soaps are soothing on the skin, oatmeal helps moisturize skin, what a perfect combination!  Handcrafted right here on our farm!

This care package is available for $25.00.

Add a hot corn sack pillow style for an extra $10 (see our description for hot corn sacks under our Hot Corn Sack listing)

Stay safe and healthy!

Care Package

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