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Inside the decorated wool exterior, you will find a bar of our all-natural soap! Lightly exfoliating and gently cleansing, keep this scrubby near the sink or bath! ​The wool is hand-dyed and hand felted, perfect for use as a unique gift.

Please choose the soap you would like inside the bar as we have many unique varieties of wool scrubbies available:

Rise and Shine with Calendula - For sensitive skin
Rose Geranium Face Soap - This soap is especially for the face, calms acne, tightens skin, cleansing and moisturizing
Lavender - A moisturizing bath and body bar
Energizing Citrus Bar - With lemon and orange essential oils
Lemongrass - Uplifting scent, nice bath and body bar

We can make a wool scrubby with any of the soap styles that we have in stock, just contact us if you would like something different than listed.  We can do them in a bar or round soap style.


Choose from the following designs:

Don't Count Your Chickens

Piggy Bee-have

Baaad Sheep

Farmyard Fun

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