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Chamomile Baby Soap
   for Sensitive Skin

Made with extra love and attention for my two new nephews, Dean and Corey, this soap is extra mild for babies delicate skin. This soap is made only with Chamomile-infused Olive Oil and Castor Oil, I like to keep added fragrances from baby soap, so this soap has no essential oils.  

When infusing the oils with Chamomile, the fragrance of the Chamomile petals is very alluring, you can just catch a scent of the Chamomile in this bar of soap.

Chamomile Baby Soap is exceptionally gentle and incorporates only safe, skin-loving additives mild enough for a baby's gentle skin.  It is also perfect for those with skin conditions and allergies.

Congratulations again to Boogie and Frank, and Kelsey and Billy!  My new nephews are positively perfect!


Chamomile-infused Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide*, Castor Oil

*Used during the Saponification Process to turn oil into soap.
None remains in the finished product.
All real soap is made with saponified oils.

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