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Summer Program 2023

Summer 2023 dates:

Week 1: June 26 - June 30

Week 2: July 10 - July 14

Week 3: July 24 - July 28

Week 4: July 31 - August 4

Week 5: August 7 - August 11

Week 6: August 21 - August 25

Half day program for children ages 8-15.  Children must be 8, no exceptions.

Program runs from 8 am – 12 pm, Monday through Friday.












The day will be focused on learning to work with animals and plants.  Campers will learn how to feed and work with all of the farm animals, including pigs, goats, cows, sheep, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and horses.  From clipping chicken wings, to trimming bunny nails and goat hooves, collecting eggs to leading horses, we try to explore it all.  Campers will also learn to make some of the items we produce here on the farm such as wool scrubbies, salves, and bug repellents.  We will learn how to harvest and dry herbs and botanicals. 


We take a hands-on approach to exploring our natural world, wildlife, farm animals, and plant life.  We also have nature trails and an adventure course featuring woodland themed balance beams, swings, teeter totters, and more!


A typical day in our program is structured as follows:

8 am - 9 am - Morning meeting and chores:  Kids learn how to milk a cow or goat if there are any in milk, feed pigs, move sheep and goats to new pastures, feed chickens, collect eggs, etc.  
9-10:30 - We choose different farm animals to work with each day.  Clip the goat hooves, give a pig a bath, learn to lead the horses, etc... 
10:30 - snack
10:45-12 - Daily Class: Kids will learn to make lip balms, work with wool, candlemaking, primitive pursuits skills, etc.
Other activities throughout the week might include learning how to curry horses, clean their hooves, and take them for walks, as well as trim goat and sheep hooves.  If there are baby animals born during camp, children will get first-hand knowledge on working with these young animals.  We will explore methods on how to harvest and store produce, children can take home some of the fruits of their labor!  We have lots of classes planned for many more hands-on activities. 



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