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Cut Flowers

From May through October, we have cut flowers available for you-pick at the farm, we also have fresh bouquets ready for pick-up.   We have extensive gardens here at Daisy Hollow Farm, and we were on the Dryden Garden Tour several years ago!  


Set up a bit differently than your conventional flower farm, we have winding paths through gardens of all shapes and sizes.  We offer wildflowers, ornamental annuals and perennials, different leaf colors and textures from various shrubs and perennials.  All of that and more are incorporated into our bouquet combinations.  Each bouquet comes with a vase of a different shape and size.  You can choose from three vase sizes: large, medium, and small.  You can choose a wildflower bouquet, an ornamental flower bouquet, bouqets based on color, and bouqeuts based on texture.  


Whatever flower and plant that happens to be in-season on our farm, holds up well in a vase, and has an interesting color or texture, is put through careful consideration in each bouquet.  Please call or come out to our country store!

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