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This all-natural powdered laundry soap only has 4 ingredients:  All-natural soap flakes, washing soda, borax, and essential oils! Feel good about what goes into your washing machine and what you put on your clothes!  Hypoallergenic, mildly scented with 100% pure Lemon Essential Oil.  Can be used for both H.E. and standard machines. Works wonderfully in any type of wash, including intimates and baby clothes.  No artificial colors or scents!

Usage: 2-4 Tablespoons per load
40 oz - approximately 20 regular loads

Keep out of eyes. Do not use in dryer or dishwasher dishwasher. For external use only. Consult a health professional if an allergy or rash occurs. Consult a health professional prior to use on children, especially those under 6 months of age. 

Also available in Lavender, please specify scent.

All-Natural Laundry Soap

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