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With the invigorating  citrusy scents of lemon and orange essential oils, along with spicy-sweet smell of Rosemary, this bar of soap is sure to get you ready for the day!  This bar of soap is wonderfully conditioning and moisturizing, the combination of oils will smooth and soften your skin!  

A dash of turmeric gives this bar a citrusy orange color.  The addition of dried orange peel adds visual and aromatic appeal to this soap.  Orange peel is a wonderful ingredient for natural bath and beauty products. It is a natural exfoliator, and adds a little bit of zest to the soap!

Available in 4 oz rounds or bars.

So get ready to start your day off with this energetic bar of soap!

Energizing Citrus Bar

  • All of our products are all-natural and handcrafted in Dryden, NY.  We use only the finest ingredients, and we use only 100% pure therapuetic essential oils. All of colorants are naturally derived.  For our needlefelted products, we have our own sheep and we only wool hand-dyed here at the farm.

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