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Winter Garden Tips

January, February, and March:

What?  We can't garden in January around here...  That's true, but we can dream and plan!!

To-do in the Garden:

  • Get out those seed catalogs!  Here at Daisy Hollow Farm, we are sure to purchase organic seeds from trusted companies.  We make sure the seeds we choose will produce plants that are resistant to our local pest and disease problems.  For example, we grow Defiant Tomatoes that are resistant to Late Blight, and our pumpkin and squash seeds are resistant to Powdery Mildew.

  • Many seedlings can be started indoors 8-12 weeks before your last frost date.  In Zone 5, that date is about Memorial Day Weekend.  I usually check the 10 day forecast on about May 15, if the forecast looks warm with no frost, I'll plant out a bit earlier.

  • Take a walk in the yard and garden and look for broken hanging limbs that can be pruned off now.  Look for damage from deer browse.

  • If you have bulbs or tubers stored away in the garage or basement, check them every so often to make sure they are dry and not getting moldy. 

  • Did you forget to plant garlic in the fall?  Happens to the best of us sometimes.  It's not too late, you can plant garlic absolutely as soon as you can work the soil,  we'll get out there in March to plant some more.  There are softneck and hardneck garlic varieties.  Hardneck garlic produces scapes which are wonderful for cooking.

  • Have a problem area in the garden?  Now is a quiet time to sit at the computer to look up plants for dry areas, or plants that will grow in deep shade


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